About Yoannah

The work of New Zealand illustrator Yoannah Dieudonne is based on the very simple and familiar notion of the line. However, the webs woven by Yoannah's lines are anything but simple or familiar. In fact, most of her work, regardless of its form, is fittingly described as alien by her followers and the artist herself.

Furthermore, Yoannah prefers to use easily accessible media, such as ink pens and unrefined paper; materials everybody is familiar with and perhaps takes for granted. As a result, these materials are given a new, enigmatic quality by the ideas pursued by the artist.

The science fiction-esque world created by Yoannah's art is based on ideas of psychological unfamiliarity within a seemingly mundane environment. This binary opposition of the mundane, or Earthly, and the supernatural is arresting and beautiful. Ultimately, Yoannah's humble 'lines' unexpectedly morph into alien beings, inseparable from each other and the universe they inhabit.

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